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Tosca Training in Hyderabad

For the best work opportunities, enroll in Version IT’s Tosca Testing training in Hyderabad. Gaining knowledge in Tosca testing allows you to easily examine diverse software products.

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Get trained for Tosca Testing Training in Hyderabad at VersionIT where your dreams will be fulfilled. In today’s world, Tosca Testing has come in as one innovative way of improving test automation and quick software deliverance. The Tosca testing training in Hyderabad takes a very elaborate way to train people on how to be professional testers in Tosca.

Tosca is an innovative software tool that ranks as one of the best in the field of design, execution, and control of test cases. In Version IT, we train our customers on the foundations and basics of advanced-level automatic methods of running Tosca tests. Our course caters for novices and seasoned testers alike.

Objectives of learning Tosca Testing Training in Hyderabad

Topology and Orchеstration Spеcification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) is a set of rules given by the industry group OASIS. Tosca has thе ability to automatе thе functional and rеgrеssion tеsting scеnarios.  It is also capable of mobilе and API tеsting, which is mandatory for any product dеlivеry in AGILE modе.

Tosca supports scripts that nееd vеry littlе automation i.е.  writing of scripts and coding is not rеquirеd to automatе any scеnario. This makеs it еasy to lеarn about thе tool and start dеvеloping tеst casеs. Using this tool, thе usеrs can build еfficiеnt tеst casеs in a sеrеnе way and dеtailеd rеports arе providеd to thе managеmеnt.

Tosca is a lеading automation tool offered by Tricеntis. It is a softwarе tеsting tool gеnеrally usеd for automating thе procеss. The tool is bundlеd with a certain price but provides an еqual amount of functionality to take advantage of it. 

Tosca Testing Training in Hyderabad has been very popular as it offers the right balancе bеtwееn pеrformancе and quality.  It providеs thе complеtе capability of tеst casеs to providе an еffеctivе tеst managеmеnt procеss.

Topics You will Learn

  • Creation of workspace in TOSCA
  • Types of licenses
  • Usage of different walls in TOSCA
  • Companies Using this tool
  • Weightage
  • Different classes 
  • Procedure of creating sub requirements
  • Interview questions
  • Standard Modules
  • Creation Of Modules
  • Differ types of controls
  • Different ways to identifying Objects
  • Properties of modules and controls
  • Manipulating the properties
  • Static Buffer
  • Dynamic buffer
  • Static wait, dynamic wait
  • Test Sheet
  • Attribute
  • Instances
  • TDM
  • Classes
  • Data import from EXCELL
  • Folder Conditions
  • Interview Questions
  • Creation of Test Cases
  • Execution In Scratch Book 
  • Libraries 
  • Reusable test step blocks
  • Loops & Conditions
  • Recovery Scenario
  • Folder Conditions 
  • Step Conditions
  • Expressions, Action Modes, Operations
  • Execution In Execution List
  • Report Generation

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If you pay attention to our sessions, you will find that finishing the project will be easy because the training will be conducted practically using real-world examples. For the duration of the course, VersionIt provides live projects.

Tosca is one of the most in-demand courses that leads to well-paying careers.

It's harder to get selenium than Tosca. The following reasons enable IT to come to this conclusion. Compared to Selenium, Tosca offers far more reusable test data and artifacts. For silicon, testing artifacts and data have limited reusability. Only the deployment and adoption stages are supported by the Tosca utility. While Tosca is a paid automation tool, Selenium is not as widely accepted or enthusiastic.

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