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A marketing strategy called “digital marketing” is used to advertise a business on numerous digital channels. Reaching our target audience based on their demographics, behaviors, and interests is the main objective of digital marketing in order to create brand exposure, traffic, and leads.

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When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing offers the highest ROI at the lowest cost. Making you an expert in digital marketing tactics is the aim of our digital marketing training in Hyderabad.

Version IT is a recognized Institute in digital marketing training. The course will be taught by some of the top trainers in the business, who are highly qualified and experienced, making for an unmatched learning experience. Numerous hands-on exercises are included in the training on every topic that is covered. Guidance on global certifications for Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., as well as placement support, are provided in addition to the training Real Time project. Many of our previous participants are now employed as digital marketing specialists by various businesses. With expertise in top areas like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), social media advertising, inbound marketing, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, web analytics, content marketing, and email marketing, our digital marketing course enables you to become a successful digital marketer.
Our expert digital marketing trainer, who has more than 15+ years of expertise in the field, created our digital marketing training in Hyderabad. With practical understanding of the latest tools and active projects, you can prepare for the rising sector by taking classes at the most reputable digital marketing institute in Hyderabad. We support students with real-world examples and training course assignments since we believe that training should be practice-oriented. With years of training and business experience, we are the premier and oldest digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

Who can Enroll in digital marketing?
  • employed professionals
  • Professionals in sales, marketing, and branding
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Housewives
Opportunities For Digital Marketers
  • You can apply for jobs, work as a freelancer, or consult.
  • You could launch a website (Blog)
  • You can launch a business app or video channel.
  • You could launch a digital marketing company.
Do you want to pursue a career in IT despite without having any technical training or programming skills?

Digital Marketing Training is the right course for you. It doesn’t require programming knowledge because knowing how to use the internet is enough to understand the concepts and have a successful career. An IT profession with rewards is possible with a few months of hard work. Since there is a shortage of qualified individuals in the field of digital marketing, there are many job opportunities available for non-technical graduates. We support you from training to placement to help you find employment.

What Makes Our Practical Digital Marketing Course Unique?

We’re here for you. We developed this hands-on digital marketing course with the needs of the industry in mind in order to teach recent graduates as well as experienced professionals how to use digital marketing effectively and advance their careers. The digital marketing training and certification course materials from Version IT were created by award-winning industry professionals with more than 15 years of expertise in the field. At Version IT, we will provide you with a solution to help you achieve your career goal. We don’t employ a one-size-fits-all strategy. We only accept a certain number of students in each batch, and we make sure that every student completes the training having met their own objectives. here you will learn by doing. For a digital marketing training in Hyderabad with Real time project, Version IT is the best option.

Topics You will Learn

  • Overview
  • What Does Domain Mean?
  • Ways to Purchase a Domain?
  • How Can I Purchase A Web Hosting Account?
  • How to Set Up a Domain for a Website
  • Configuration of Hosting
  • Build a Website Without Knowing How to Code:
  • How to Set Up WordPress
  • How to Choose a Theme
  • Essential Plugins We Require
  • Customization of Themes
  • Make Menus
  • Make Posts & Pages
  • Make Lawful Pages
  • Make Contact and Enrollment Forms
  • Plus Additional…
  • Overview
  • Recognizing the webpage
  • Examination of Websites
  • What is SEO (search engine optimisation)?
  • SEO’s Significance in Digital Marketing
  • How SEO May Be Used to Leverage Businesses
  • SERP Organisation
  • Various Search Engine Types
  • The Operation of Search Engines?
  • Operators in Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google’s algorithms and updates
  • What’s a Keyword?
  • Categories Of Terms?
  • Methods of Keyword
  • Research
  • Tools for
  • Researching
  • Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • kinds of webpages
  • Structure of Web
  • Layout
  • Optimisation of File
  • Name
  • Optimisation of
  • Titles
  • Robots that are Meta and their description
    URL Styling
  • SEO for Canonical
  • URL Headings
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Content
  • Development
  • Optimising Keywords
  • anchor connection
  • picture enhancement
  • Optimisation of Alt Tags
  • Video Embedding & Footer Optimisation
  • Off Page Optimisation
  • What Is It?
  • What separates off-
  • page from on-page
  • optimisation
  • Relevance of
  • Citations and
  • Backlinks in SEO
  • Link-Building
  • Strategies
  • Submission to a
  • Directory
  • Classified
  • advertisement
  • Bookmarking social
  • media sites
  • Event Submissions;
  • PowerPoint; PDF;
  • Podcast; Web 2.0;
  • Forum; Profile
  • Linking; Blog
  • Commenting;
  • Infographic
  • Submissions
  • Search Engine
  • Optimisation Image
  • Uploading
  • Submission of
  • Documents; Video
  • News Release
  • Local SEO: What Is It?
  • How Come Local SEO Is Important?
  • How Do Local SEO Results Appear?
  • URL Redirections
  • 301 Transfer
  • 302 Transfer
  • The Robots.txt file
  • Submission of Sitemap
  • Correcting Mistakes
  • Quick Crawling
  • Black Hat SEO: What Is It?
  • Tricks and advice for 
  • black hats
  • SEO Resources
  • SEM Rush (Paid)
  • Ahrefs (Paid)
  • Paid Majestic SEO
  • Free Keyword Planner
  • Paid: Keywordtool.io
  • Disavow utility (Free)
  • How to add a website to a search engine
  • console
  • URL Examination
  • Achievement
  • Index coverage
  • Site Maps
  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Links
  • Safety and hand operations
  • How Do You Explain SEM?
  • How Come SEM Is Important?
  • The search campaign’s goals
  • Strategies for Bidding
  • Setting Up a Budget
  • Targeting that is automated
  • creating fantastic headlines
  • Ad extensions integration
  • Using appropriate keywords and more
  • How Google Ads
  • Work
  • What makes Google
  • Adwords so special?
  • What separates Google
  • advertisements from Bing ads
  • Recognising the KPI
  • Google Ads’ advantages
  • Registration Procedure
  • How to Get Free Credit of Rs. 2000
  • Setting of bills
  • establishment of user accounts
  • Levels of User Access
  • Organising
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Types
  • How to match the
  • appropriate campaign to the company
  • Goal
  • Setting of the
  • Location
  • Language Context
  • rotation of ads
  • Trials and Experiments
  • daily choice of budget
  • Ad planning
  • Ad Group: What is it? Configuring Google Ads
  • How Ad Groups are Set Up Various kinds of advertisements
  • Keyword Analysis Extended Ad Type
  • Types of Keyword Matching Format for Responsive Ads
  • Sources of Wide Match Image Creation
  • Call-Only Broad Match Modifier Ad
  • Ads’ Phrase Match Structure
  • Writing the Ad Copy in Exact Match
  • Options for Negative Match URLs
  • Option for Mobile URL
  • How do Google Ads Auctions Happen
  • Google Ads metrics
  • Ad rank computation
  • Excellent rating
  • Calculating the quality score
  • A quality score’s influencing factors
  • Actual CPC: What Is It?
  • How Is the Real CPC Determined?
  • Extension of Sitelinks
  • Callout Length
  • Organised Excerpt
  • Make an Extension
  • Call
  • Extension of Message
  • Extension location
  • Extension of Affiliate Location
  • Extension of Price and Promotion
  • Application Extender
  • Conversion: What Is It?
  • Conversion Types
  • Conversion of Websites
  • Real-time, practical conversion
  • integration
  • Monitoring
  • App Conversion
  • Conversion of Calls
  • Tracking offline (Import)
  • Conversion Tracking for Implementation
  • How to start a test
  • Rules of eligibility
  • The length of each exam
  • Various kinds of Google Ads audits
  • Look 
  • Present
  • Transportable
  • Watch Video
  • Basics
  • An example query
  • Google Ads and
  • response manual
  • Google Partner
  • Badge: How to Get It
  • What is social media Optimization?
  • How is it important in business?
  • How can social media be integrated
    with the website?’
  • Case studies on various social media platforms
  • Setting up a vision, mission & goals for SMO
  • Interactive Mode
  • Scripting Mode
  • Programming Elements
  • Structure of Python program
  • First Python Application
  • Comments in Python
  • Python file extensions
  • Setting Path in Windows
  • Edit and Run python program without IDE
  • Edit and Run python program using IDEs
  • Programmers View of Interpreter
  • What is Byte Code in PYTHON?
  • Python Debugger
  • Google Links on Websites
  • Account Analytics
  • User
  • Meeting
  • Go visit
  • Views per page
  • Individual Pageviews
  • Objectives
  • Specialised Sessions
  • users that are active
  • Analysis of Cohorts
  • Characteristics
  • GEO
  • Interests
  • Actions
  • Technology
  • Transportable
  • Standardisation
  • Users’ Movement
  • Email marketing: What is it?
  • How is E-Mail Marketing Important in Digital Marketing?
  • Why Use Email Marketing?What kind of writing should I do?
  • How should one write?
  • Email Calendaring?
  • Making of Lists
  • OPT in List
  • Template Design Parameters for Emails
  • Automation of workflow.
  • Metrics for Email Reporting
  • Calculating the open rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • bruising bounce
  • Gently Bounce
  • Comparative
  • Evaluation
  • Facebook’s significance for product or service branding
  • How can Facebook use the business?
  • Creation of Facebook User Profiles
  • Edge Rank Algorithm for page generation
  • Coordination of events in groups
  • Facebook assets
  • Like Box on
  • Facebook’s content production approach
  • How to enhance comments, shares, and likes
  • How to use hashtags to establish a brand on Facebook
  • posts that are sponsored
  • Advertised narratives
  • Events that are sponsored
  • Facebook Instruments
  • Video Marketing Statistics
  • Establishing a Channel on YouTube
  • Tailoring the YouTube Channel
  • Formulate a plan for your video marketing.
  • Different Video Post Types
  • How to Produce Videos on YouTube
  • How to Get Videos on YouTube to Rank #1
  • Metrics for YouTube Engagement
  • Instagram Use by Brands
  • Establishing an Account and Exploring the Instagram Application
  • Instagram Story vs. Instagram Post
  • content approach
  • How Do Stories Get Used?
  • How Are Hashtags Used?
  • Resources for
  • identifying popular
  • hashtags
  • Utilising Tools for
  • Influencer Marketing
  • IG TV: What is it?
  • How is Instagram TV used?
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Goals for Instagram
  • Advertisements
  • Reports and
  • Evaluations
  • Canva InShot Prism
  • Hootsuite Buffer App

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Still Having Doubts?

All online initiatives aimed at promoting and advertising goods and services are included in digital marketing. It covers a range of platforms, including email, social media, search engines, content marketing, and more.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising (like Google advertisements and social media advertisements), and analytics to track and improve performance are important elements.

Optimising a website to appear higher in search engine results is known as SEO, or search engine optimisation. It boosts visibility, increases organic (non-paid) traffic, and increases the likelihood that potential buyers will find the website.
In order to draw in and keep the interest of a target audience, content marketing entails producing and disseminating worthwhile, pertinent material. It fosters consumer relationships, establishes authority, and raises brand recognition.

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