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Performance testing Training in Hyderabad

To get the best career opportunity, learn a performance course in Hyderabad at version IT. By learning to test the performance, you can become a master in the analysis of different software products.

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It takes constant updating in a fast-paced field like information technology. Professional practitioners who want to succeed in the area of performance testing may find Version IT’s Hyderabad-based Performance Testing training in Hyderabad helpful for them. This course is designed to equip learners with contemporary skills and practical experience hence making it the leading option for people wishing to be experts in performance testing.

What is Performance Testing?

Software development involves performance testing that helps ensure an application works as expected while in use by users in different situations. It comprises testing the performance level of the program, which refers to the evaluation of how fast the system runs as well as the smoothness it offers the users. At Version IT’s Performance Testing Training in Hyderabad, professionals guide learners through the nuances of this occupation.

Course Features and Outcomes:

Their course on Version IT performance testing is held at their Center for Excellence located in the heart of Hyderabad. They acquire practical insights through simulations of actual settings in which they evaluate and improve application effectiveness. Practical lessons allow the participants to tackle live projects and cases in an appropriate manner giving them confidence to work on any kind of workplace problems.

These include load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing among others that are covered in the curriculum. Teamwork and interpersonal skills are stressed in Version IT; participants will be able to compete in groups. The competencies derived at the end of the course include comprehension of the performance testing techniques, mastery over the tools, and devising workable testing plans that can enhance performance levels as required by software users.

Why Choose Version IT?

Version IT is renowned as one of the best Performance Testing Course Institutes in Hyderabad, famous for its quality education, industrial relevancies curriculum, and season trainers. We have designed a method in which different learning styles are accommodated for beginners & experienced personnel to benefit.


The Performance Testing Training by Version IT, Hyderabad will elevate your career and make you a sought-after professional in the IT world. Join this course today as it is a gateway to achievement in performance examinations.

Topics You will Learn

  • Definition for Performance testing
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Need for Performance testing
  • Automate Performance Testing
  • Automated Performance Testing Phases
  • Design
  • Build
  • Execute
  • Analysis and Tuning
  • Load / Performance Tool Evaluation & Selection
  • Test Process / Methodology and Test Strategy
  • Performance Test Start/Stop Criteria
  • Test Environmental Setup and Pre-Requisites
  • Analysis and Report Generation
  • Pass / Fail / Exit Criteria
  • Web (HTTP/HTML)
  • Webservices
  • Ajax (Click and Script)
  • SAP(WEB)
  • Smoke Test
  • Load Test
  • Stress Test
  • Endurance/soak Test
  • Spike Test
  • Capacity Test
  • Failover Test
  • HTTP Fox
  • HTTP Watch
  • Manual Script writing
  • Load Runner Terminology
  • Load Runner Vuser Technology
  • Protocol Advisor
  • Tool GUI introduction
  • Vugen
  • Controller
  • Agent Process
  • Load Generator
  • Analysis
  • Function Calling
  • Loops
  • Strings and Arrays
  • File Operations
  • url mode
  • html mode
  • Runlogic -iterations
  • Log
  • Multi threading
  • Error handling
  • Comments
  • Transaction points
  • Checkpoints
  • Parameterisation
  • Correlation
  • Manual
  • Automation
  • Correlation during recording and after recording
  • Creating correlation rules
  • Randomising values and pick up the values
  • Error handling
  • Replay
  • Recording
  • Generation
  • Event
  • Designing Scenarios
  • Goal-Oriented Scenario
  • Manual Scenario
  • Scenario Schedule
  • Schedule By Scenario
  • Schedule By Group
  • Basic Schedule
  • Real world schedule
  • Start Vusers(Ramp Up)
  • Duration(Steady state)
  • Stop Vusers(Ramp down)
  • Execution of different types of test
  • Design Calculations
  • Vusers Status in the execution
  • OS level
  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • Server level
  • IIS
  • SQL
  • Performance Metrics
  • Counters
  • Monitoring tools
  • Perfmon
  • Controller
  • Summary Report
  • Calculation of 90th percentile
  • Running Vusers Graph
  • Hits per Second
  • Throughput
  • Calculation of throughput
  • Transaction Summary
  • Average Transaction Response Time
  • Root and casual analysis
  • Graph Settings
  • OS level(CPU & Memory utilisation)
  • Issues
  • Scripting level
  • Execution level
  • Analysis level
  • Rendezvous point and IP spoofing
  • Status Codes and port numbers
  • Diff B/W the functions and their uses
  • POC
  • Day to day activities
  • End to end process of load testing
  • Identifying bottle necks
  • Making reports(HTML/Word)
  • Daily Status Reports
  • Workbench – Scripting and Execution
  • True Log Explorer – Checking Logs
  • Explorer – Monitoring and Analysis
  • Add counters to monitor
  • OS level
  • Server level
  • Increasing
  • Steady State
  • All day
  • Dynamic
  • Queuing
  • BDL Scripting
  • Scripting Enhancements
  • Comments
  • Measuring Points
  • Check Points
  • Data Parsing
  • Parameterisation
  • Agent Pool Connection

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Finding and fixing performance problems as well as assessing the system's scalability, dependability, speed, and responsiveness under varied workloads are the main objectives.

Performance testing helps identify and remove performance bottlenecks, ensuring that a software program or system can handle the expected load and provide optimal performance under a variety of scenarios.

It is true that having programming or scripting experience can occasionally be necessary when developing and tailoring test cases for performance testing.

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