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Staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of technology is critical. Version IT recognizes the importance of staying current with emerging trends, and our comprehensive HTML5 in Python training in Hyderabad is designed to equip aspiring developers with the skills required to scale up in the dynamic world of web development.

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Our HTML5 training in Hyderabad is the first step toward realizing the full potential of Python-powered web development. HTML5, the most recent version of the HyperText Markup Language, is the foundation of modern web applications. Participants in this course delve into the complexities of HTML5 within the Python environment, gaining hands-on experience that will set them apart.

Course Features

Our HTML5 in Python course in Hyderabad has been meticulously designed to cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that participants develop a well-rounded skill set. Our expert instructors guide students through every aspect of web development, from the fundamentals of HTML5 syntax to advanced Python integration. The following are some of the course’s key features:

  • Hands-On Practical Sessions: Participants work on real-world projects, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, and gaining a thorough understanding of HTML5 within the Python framework.
  • Python Integration: Discover how to integrate HTML5 and Python to improve the efficiency and functionality of web applications.
  • Techniques for Responsive Web Design: Master the art of creating responsive web designs that adapt flawlessly to different devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.
  • Build a strong portfolio with hands-on projects that showcase your HTML5 in Python proficiency, giving you a competitive advantage in job interviews and professional settings.
  • Participants will leave the HTML5 course in Hyderabad with a comprehensive skill set, ready to face the challenges of modern web development with confidence.

Topics You will Learn

  • New Features and groups
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Why HTML5?
  • Power of HTML5:
  • m or mobi or touch domains
  • Common Terms in HTML5 
  • Character Encoding
  • <acronym>
  • <applet>
  • <basefont>
  • <big>
  • <center>
  • <dir>
  • <font>
  • <frame>
  • <frameset>
  • <isindex>
  • <noframes>
  • <s>
  • <strike>
  • <tt>
  • <u>
  • <xmp> 
  • New Semantic/Structural Elements
  • <article>
  • <aside>
  • <bdi>
  • <command>
  • <details>
  • <dialog>
  • <summary>
  • <figure>
  • <figcaption>
  • <footer>
  • <header>
  • <mark>
  • <meter>
  • <nav>
  • <progress>
  • <ruby>
  • <rt>
  • <rp>
  • <section>
  • <time>
  • <wbr>   
  • What is Canvas?
  • Create a Canvas
  • Canvas Coordinates
  • Canvas – Paths
  • Canvas – Text
  • Canvas – Gradients
  • Canvas – Images 
  • What is SVG?
  • SVG Advantages
  • Differences Between SVG and Canvas
  • Comparison of Canvas and SVG 
  • Introduction
  • Make an Element Draggable
  • What to Drag? Where to Drop? 
  • Introduction
  • Locate the User’s Position+
  • Handling Errors and Rejections
  • The getCurrentPosition()
  • Geolocation object 
  • Introduction
  • Video on the Web
  • How It Works?
  • Video Formats and Browser Support
  • HTML5 Video Tags 
  • Introduction
  • Audio on the Web
  • How It Works?
  • Audio Formats and Browser Support
  • HTML5 Audio Tags 
  • Introduction
  • color
  • date
  • datetime
  • datetime-local
  • email
  • month
  • number
  • range
  • search
  • tel
  • time
  • url
  • week 
  • <datalist>
  • <keygen>
  • <output>  
  • New attributes for <form> and <input>New attributes for <form>:
  • autocomplete
  • novalidate 
  • autocomplete
  • autofocus
  • form, formaction
  • formenctype,formmethod
  • formnovalidate
  • formtarget
  • height and width
  • list, min and max
  • multiple
  • pattern (regexp)
  • placeholder
  • required, step 
  • Introduction
  • What are Semantic Elements?
  • non-semantic elements: <div> and <span>
  • semantic elements: <form>, <table>, and <img>
  • New Semantic Elements in HTML5
  • <header>
  • <nav>
  • <section>
  • <article>
  • <aside>
  • <figcaption>
  • <figure>
  • <footer> 
  • What is HTML5 Web Storage?
  • Browser Support
  • The localStorage Object
  • The sessionStorage Object 
  • What is Application Cache?
  • Cache Manifest Basics
  • HTML5 Cache Manifest 
  • What is a Web Worker?
  • Check Web Worker Support
  • Create a Web Worker File
  • Terminate a Web Worker 
  • One Way Messaging
  • Browser Support
  • The EventSource Object 
  • New Media Elements
  • <audio>
  • <video>
  • <source>
  • <embed>
  • <track>  
  • What is Multimedia?
  • Browser Support
  • Multimedia Formats
  • Video Formats
  • Sound Formats 
  • Introduction
  • Using MathML Characters
  • Matrix Presentation
  • Math Formulas 
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax,CSS Id, Class and CSS Styling,Styling Backgrounds
  • Styling Text,Styling Fonts, Links, Styling Lists and Styling Tables
  • CSS Border

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Version It the greatest training course you can take to become an expert in the technology and pursue a career in it is its HTML Certification Course. We also provide a tonne of free blogs and tutorials that will walk you through the fundamentals of HTML and help you get started.

Such a skill set is not necessary to become proficient with HTML. Learning HTML will be beneficial if you have some fundamental operating system functional knowledge.

You might anticipate a career rise in web development and design if you have strong HTML and CSS proficiency.

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