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Become a cloud specialist by taking a professional GCP Course in Hyderabad with Version IT’s industry expertise. Many different industries are currently being significantly impacted by cloud computing. 

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By offering services like enhanced flexibility, cost savings, concentrating on core skills, re-modeling internal operations, and improving consumer connection through a digital experience, cloud computing helps organizations.

The Google Company created and maintains the cutting-edge cloud technology known as Google Cloud Platform, or GCP for short. Businesses will find it simple to utilize Google’s infrastructure to build their own server applications by enabling GCP services. Its public cloud-based services cover a wide range of industries, including data warehousing, AI, compute engines, data storage, web hosting, etc.

The Google Cloud Platform and its applications are thoroughly understood by candidates who have completed Google Cloud training, which is a professional accreditation. A real-world project experience given at the end of the GCP training in Hyderabad at Version IT, Our trainers provide GCP Certification training as well,it serves as proof that the candidate has the skills required to function as a Google Cloud Expert, according to this certification.The Certification raises the possibility that your CV will be given priority during the interview and creates more professional opportunities.

The Google Cloud training in Ameerpet at Version IT offers the critical skill sets for a professional Google Cloud Architect while being supervised by our Real-Time professionals. The Google Cloud Platform is taught by experts with more than 15 years of expertise in the Google Cloud training in Hyderabad. The Version IT GCP Trainers will also help and assist you while you take and pass the Associate, Professional, and User level certification examinations for Google Cloud.

Who is eligible for GCP Training?

  • Students / Freshers
  • Web Developers
  • IT Professionals working on java Scripts
  • Java and HTML Developers
Benefits of GCP Training
  • Consistent delivery processes and strategies must be developed and implemented by the GCP Cloud Engineer – The associate function.
  • Implementing and automating governance norms, security measures, and regulatory validation is a must.
  • Locate and implement logging, measurement, and tracking software on AWS.
  • Utilize the AWS infrastructure to create highly available, scalable, and self-healing structures.
  • Create, manage, and maintain operational task automation tools.

For this reason, GCP Training is regarded as one of the best. The majority of the top companies employ professional cloud engineers to perform their daily operational operations. These esteemed businesses offer competitive salaries. It is one of the greatest because the majority of large companies use qualified cloud engineers to handle their regular business operations online.Hence Enroll the GCP Training in Hyderabad at Version IT For Lucrative Career in MNC’s.

Topics You will Learn

  • Infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Employing GCP

  • Lab: Cloud Shell and Console

  • Example: Tasks

  •  Lab: Overview of Infrastructure

  • Calculator
  • Lab: Building Virtual Computers
  • Compute choices (memory and vCPU)
  • Pictures
  • Typical Compute Engine Operations
  • Lab: Utilising Virtual Machines
  • Policies, Configuration, Autoscaling.

  •  Laboratory: Autoscaling

  • Managed Groups of Instances

  •  HTTPS load distribution

  • Content- and cross-region load balancing

  • SSL/TCP proxy load distribution

  • Load balancing on the network

  •  Lab: Load Balancing and VM Automation

  • VPC stands for Virtual Private Cloud.

  •  Initiatives, Networks

  • Network subnetworks

  • IP addresses

  •  Pathways

  •  Rules for firewalls

  • Subnetworks, as an alternative to physical network structure, for resource management

  •  Virtual Networking Lab

  •  Laboratory: Bastion Head

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the cloud

  • Lab: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

  • Cloud DNS, Cloud Router, External Peering, and Cloud Interconnect

  • Establishments

  •  Positions

  • Members

  • Service Accounts

  • Cloud IAM optimal techniques

  • Lab: IAM Cloud

  • Storage in the Cloud

  • Cloud Storage Lab

  • Cloud SQL

  • Lab: Cloud SQL

  •  Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner

  • Cloud Bigtable

  • Manage Cloud Resources

  • Quantos

  • Marks

  • Identifiers

  •  Invoicing

  •  Billing Administration Demo

  • Lab: Using BigQuery to Examine Billing Data

  • Stackdriver

  •  Surveillance

  • Lab: Stackdriver Resource Monitoring

  •  Recording

  •  Mistake Reporting

  • Monitoring and debugging

  •  Lab: Stackdriver Error Reporting and Debugging

  • Automation of infrastructure

  •  Pictures

  •  Metadata

  • Scripts

  • Google Cloud API

  •  Lab: Automation of Google Cloud Platform API Infrastructure

  • Manage Deployment:

  • Organisation

  • Cloud Launcher

  • Deployment Manager Lab

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Still Having Doubts?

GCP is a public cloud provider that offers a variety of computing services for activities such as data management, online content distribution, and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Users can pay a charge or use the computer resources at Google's data centers all around the world for free.

The Google Cloud console provides a web-based graphical user interface for managing your Google Cloud projects and resources. Using the Google Cloud interface, you may choose an existing project or create a new one, and then use the resources generated by that project.

GCP, a public cloud provider, offers a variety of computing services such as online and video streaming, AI and machine learning tools, and data management. Consumers can pay for or obtain free access to computer resources stored in Google's worldwide data centers at any time.
Because of the seven features outlined above, Google Cloud Hosting is an appropriate option: improved price plans, availability, increased execution, benefits of live migration, private network, commitment to continuous development, control and security, and redundant backups.

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