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Salesforce DevOps Training in Hyderabad

Version IT’s Salesforce DevOps training in Hyderabad is a meticulous programme designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to integrate DevOps practises into Salesforce application development. 

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The workshop gives participants hands-on experience with continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation strategies inside the Salesforce ecosystem. Students will learn how to optimise the development process, improve team cooperation, and achieve faster and more reliable deployments.

Why Should You Take Salesforce DevOps Training?

Adopting DevOps in Salesforce development is becoming increasingly important as organisations strive to provide high-quality apps in a timely manner. There are various compelling reasons to learn Salesforce DevOps training:

Accelerated Application Development: Salesforce DevOps practises automate manual operations, allowing developers to provide new features and upgrades more quickly, ensuring Salesforce apps have a shorter time-to-market.
Productivity and Efficiency: DevOps approaches streamline development processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance communication among development, quality assurance, and operations teams, resulting in higher overall efficiency and productivity.
Continuous Integration and Delivery: Salesforce DevOps training equips participants with the ability to set up automated CI/CD pipelines, allowing for the easy integration of code changes and the speedy, dependable delivery to production settings.
Quality Assurance and Testing: DevOps practises place an emphasis on automated testing, which ensures consistent quality while lowering the chance of mistakes and defects in production.
Scalability and Stability: Salesforce DevOps enables developers to manage the application’s infrastructure efficiently, assuring scalability and stability, by utilising Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practises.
Real-time Monitoring and Feedback: DevOps tools and practises enable real-time monitoring, feedback, and insights into application performance, allowing for continuous improvement and improved user experiences.

Competitive Advantage: Organisations with strong Salesforce DevOps practises have a competitive advantage by responding quickly to market demands, creating new solutions, and effectively meeting customer expectations.
Career Development and Opportunities: Salesforce DevOps professionals are in high demand in the job market. Learning DevOps provides great employment options and advancement opportunities inside the Salesforce ecosystem.

What are the Objective Outcomes:

The following are the objectives of our Salesforce DevOps training:
A. DevOps Principles and Practises: Understand DevOps principles, best practises, and their application to Salesforce development.
B. Version Control Management: Learn how to properly use version control systems to enable seamless collaboration and efficient code management.
C. Salesforce Automated Testing: Gain skills in automated testing methodologies to ensure the quality and dependability of Salesforce applications.
D. Salesforce Continuous Integration (CI): Set up automated CI pipelines to continually build, test, and merge Salesforce code updates.
E. Salesforce Continuous Delivery (CD): Implement automated CD pipelines to ensure the smooth and dependable distribution of applications to production settings.
F. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for Salesforce: Research IaC practices for efficiently managing and scaling Salesforce infrastructure.
G. Collaboration and Communication: Improve teamwork and communication among development, quality assurance, and operations teams to ensure smooth collaboration.
H. Monitoring and Feedback Loop: Understand how to monitor application performance, collect feedback, and apply insights to improve it continuously.

Who Can Learn

Salesforce DevOps Courses in Hyderabad are suitable for a diverse range of professionals, including:

  • Salesforce Developers
  • Salesforce Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Professionals
Version IT is a prominent DevOps training institute in Hyderabad, noted for its hands-on approach and industry-focused curriculum. Our Salesforce DevOps training provides hands-on experience, real-world scenarios, and professional coaching to ensure participants get the skills they need to succeed. Improve your application development efficiency by learning Salesforce DevOps. Enrol in our Salesforce DevOps training to begin your transformation into a proficient Salesforce DevOps specialist.

Topics You will Learn

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Still Having Doubts?

Salesforce DevOps is the discipline of applying DevOps ideas and techniques to Salesforce application development and deployment. Processes are automated, communication between development and operations teams is encouraged, and continuous integration and delivery is ensured.

DevOps accelerates and improves the development and deployment processes, resulting in faster and more dependable releases. It fosters a more efficient and agile development lifecycle by improving communication, reducing manual mistakes, and promoting a more efficient and agile development lifecycle.

Salesforce CLI, Salesforce DX (Developer Experience), Git for version control, Jenkins or CircleCI for continuous integration, and tools like Salesforce Ant Migration Tool for deployment are also popular Salesforce DevOps technologies.
Salesforce DX is a collection of technologies and processes designed to improve the development life cycle. It helps with version control, continuous integration, and automated testing, making it an important component of Salesforce DevOps.

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