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RPA is a new trend in IT that optimizes business processes, improves effectiveness, minimizes labor costs, etc. A reputable IT learning center, Version IT, offers professional Blue Prim training in Hyderabad. Using our customized courses can become an asset for your career trajectory since more and more companies are looking into creative methods of increasing productivity and mastering Blue Prism is one of them.

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Blue Prism is an advanced RPA tool for automating repetitive, rules-based work without human intervention. Participants in our Blue Prism class in Hyderabad will get practical experience and thorough knowledge about a mighty RPA tool. This curriculum comprises basics, advanced functions, and practicalities; therefore, attendees are equipped with thorough knowledge about what Blue Prism can achieve.

Blue Prism course in Hyderabad : Its Blue Prism course in Hyderabad has a one-stop feature that makes it exclusive. We have a team of trainers who are experienced in the field and equipped with practical knowledge of how it is deployed under different situations in organizations. There is also room for beginners as well as experienced personnel who do not need to start right from basics but can rather proceed straight to the higher-level concepts.

Course features Our Blue Prism course in Hyderabad covers key skills such as process automation, workflow design, and exception handling, among others. In addition, the training’s hands-on labs and projects offer realistic settings whereby trainees get a chance to practice what they learn and gain confidence for handling blue prism work efficiently. It is indicated by the course outcomes that encompass enhanced problem-solving skills, better decision-making skills, and an upper hand in one’s workplace competition. Version IT is one of the best Blue Prism course institutes in Hyderabad that provides a friendly learning atmosphere with the latest technology. We have very flexible training timings that are designed to be feasible for busy professionals and students. The practice-oriented approach and high degree of industry relevance make our Blue Prism training site in Hyderabad the number one location for people searching for concrete use cases.

Topics You will Learn

  • Blue Prism Tool Quick overview (Home, Studio, Control, Dashboard, Releases, System).
  • Process studio, Object studio
  • Working with browser based 
  • Creating object in object studio
  • Creating actions
  • Application model
  • win32,html, accessibility, region – Quick over view
  • Creating new application element, refining the attributes
  • Debugging
  • Reset, Errors & Go

  • Stages– start, end, Link, Read, Write, Navigate, Wait & data 

  • Overview of control 
  • Page information/information stage
  • Publish page as an action
  • Publish process to control room
  • Run from control/control room
  • Action stage
  • Create a Process
  • object studio
  • Processstudio
  • Workingwith browser based 
  • Collection, loop, Decision, calculation, multiclass, anchor, Choice and note 
  • openprod details (click on url) and use global send keys
  • Readdata from data item and store that into 
  • Exception handling
  • Stages- Exception, recovery, resume, 
  • Exception bubbling preserves exception, re through exception


  • browser based application
  • Read tabular data from browser based application and store it into 
  • From Collection store data into Excel sheet
  • Sending email to gmail/outlook
  • Pop3/smtp
  • MS Excel
  • Application modeler
  • Spymodewin32
  • Creatingnew application element, adding child element / Create child element
  • Refiningthe attributes


  • Queuemanagement
  • system
  • workflow
  • Work queues
  • Key name, maximum attempts


  • Addto queue, get next item, mark complete, mark exception
  • Defer
  • Resume


  • New,edit, delete
  • Application credentials, access rights
  • Use the credentials in respective
  • Input and output (parameters)
  • Environment variables – process/object
  • Import(process or business object)
  • Export(process or business object)
  • ImportVBO’s


  • Creatingnew release file / creating multiple releases
  • Create new package
  • Modify package
  • Differencesbetween package and release
  • Workingwith excel
  • Readdata from excel to collection
  • Collectioncomparison
  • Applyfilters in collections
  • Collectionmanipulation
  • Login Agent
  • Creating circular paths
  • Breakpoint
  • setbreakpoint condition
  • Runfrom control room
  • Requeststop
  • Immediatestop
  • Dataitem Exposure
  • None
  • Static
  • Environment,session
  • Global send keys
  • Global send key events
  • Working with region mode/surface automation
  • Image comparison
  • Read text with OCR
  • Recognise text
  • Read data from pdf and store into variable
  • Run mode
  • Exclusive
  • Background
  • Foreground
  • RUN from Command line
  • Dashboard
  • Personal dashboard/global dashboard
  • Tile Library
  • Version history
  • Compare versions
  • Working with database
  • VBO- OLEDB/ SQL Server
  • Working with SAP Application
  • Working with SAP Application
  • Workingwith web services
  • Consume web service
  • Expose web service
  • Environment locking
  • Internal business object
  • acquire lock, query lock, Release lock
  • Working with Code stage
  • Working with alert stage
  • system- options overview
  • menubar over view
  • working with scheduler
  • create new scheduling
  • creating new task
  • define time frequent
  • creating sub sequent processes
  • demonstrate on web application and thin client application
  • Initialize and Clean up page.
  • Sending emails to outlook and reading emails
  • VBOMapiEx
  • Working with mainframe application

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Still Having Doubts?

Blue Prism is an RPA software that automates business processes by emulating human interactions with digital systems.

Blue Prism's UI can be used with any application. In addition to having the capacity to expose and consume web services, the solution offers an array of tools for automating applications. Additionally, there are numerous pre-built integrations and abilities that let you make use of a variety of complementary technologies that are offered by our Digital Exchange.

Blue Prism uses a combination of visual and code-based design to create software robots (known as "bots") that can interact with applications in the same way a human does.

Because our enterprise clients place a high value on security, Blue Prism is built to be a resilient data center solution that can be used at scale in a regulated and safe manner. Since non-repudiation of action is a crucial compliance requirement for users operating in regulated industries, our audit function is "always-on."

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