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Cypress Testing Course in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, we have a Cypress Testing training program developed to target both people with no experience and professionals keen on polishing their abilities in automation testing. With the robust end-to-end testing framework, cypress is gaining ground as it is fast, reliable, and simple to use in the industry. Thus at Version IT, our students know Cypress thoroughly while becoming competent testers.

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Modern software testing requires mastering new tools and techniques to remain competitive. The highly reputable IT training organization called “Version IT” situated in Hyderabad brings the best Cypress testing for individuals striving to be testers or just interested in testing matters. Cypress Testing training in Hyderabad is your stepping stone to becoming an effective player in the competitive market for quality control.

Course Features:

The Hyderabad Cypress Testing course covers cypress installation, script building, asynchronous work, and pipeline integration and is instructed by the professionals involved in the industry. The course offers lab work and involves real-life projects to prepare students ready for careers.


The Hyderabad Cypress Testing training program helps participants understand better Cypress and its usability for testing in practical situations. Additionally, it imparts smart test automation that helps streamline the entire testing workflow. Besides, it leads to professional promotion or obtaining Version IT Certification.


Enhance your testing knowledge. Expand opportunities for you with Version IT’s Cypress Testing. If you want a job in software testing, then join the team of other successful testers that we have trained with a focus on your industry. Try Version IT today, and start your journey toward cypress testing expertise.

Topics You will Learn

  • Installation
  • Writing a simple code
  • Custom commands in Cypress
  • Configurations and creating test videos and failure screenshots
  • Environment variables
  • Cypress Plugins
  • Cucumber with Cypress
  • Cucumber for Parameter data in Step definition
  • Cucumber Data Tables for working with multiple data
  • Page object Models with Cypress + BDD
  • API testing for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH.
  • CI/CD Integration with Azure DevOps
  • Mocha awesome reports
  • Mocha JUnit reports
  • Reports for BDD testing with Cucumber
  • Windows Authentication handling in Cypress
  • File Upload
  • Changing browser behavior with Cypress events
  • Debugging with Cypress
  • Handling Alerts and popups with Cypress
  • iFrames in Cypress
  • XHR and asserting using Explicit assertion
  • XHR to verify authentication token validation
  • Cookies and asserting cookies values
  • Cypress Dashboard
  • Record in Cypress Dashboard
  • Parallelization
  • Cypress CI/CD
  • Cypress Insights
  • Cypress Docker
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Basics: Control Flow
  • JavaScript Basics: Functions
  • JavaScript Basics: Arrays
  • JavaScript Basics: Objects
  • JavaScript Advanced
  • JavaScript DOM
  • Git and Github

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Still Having Doubts?

Cypress, which runs directly in the browser and runs tests in the same runtime as the application, offers faster test execution and better debugging. It also has an understandable syntax and a sizable command set.

Among the features, Cypress offers are time travel, automated waiting, real-time reloading, and an integrated dashboard. It has an easy-to-use API for test automation and makes basic debugging easier.

Cypress does indeed support API testing. The cy. request() command allows you to send HTTP requests and use the responses to perform assertions.

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