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Load Runner Training in Hyderabad

Version IT has the most qualified professionals who provide the LoadRunner training in Hyderabad. Our instructors have more years of experience working for multinational corporations using LoadRunner and similar technologies. Join now!!

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One of the best performance testing tools that are commonly employed in determining the scalability and reliability of an application includes the LoadRunner Training in Hyderabad tool by Microfocus. LoadRunner is a tool used by testers and developers to simulate “virtual” users.

This helps to assess how the application performs when subjected to different conditions before actually being used thus promoting robustness and responsiveness when used in actual world scenarios.

LoadRunner Training in Hyderabad gives participants an intense grounding in performance testing and an insight into how Micro Focus’s primary application operates. They are also proficient in developing and implementing performance testing scenarios, finding bottlenecks, and analyzing the results.

This allows participants to practice several different types of synthetic users that they need to know how to create so that applications are scalable, reliable, and responsive. This helps people get ready for jobs as performance engineers where their efforts ensure that programs work optimally.

Consequently, one will know that selecting an Apache JMeter Course in Hyderabad at Version IT Training Institute pays off. Specialized teachers help one understand the intricate details of version control software that improve teamwork in coding.

Version control practice has software development professionals which includes a complete skill set that covers real-life scenarios and actual hands-on experience. In the end, it is good for career progression.

The LoadRunner Training in Hyderabad aims at preparing learners for comprehensive skills of carrying out proper performance tests. Objective to understand the different components of LoadRunner; create scenarios, analyze outcomes, and identify performance impediments.

The participants will be able to effectively simulate several load users, and run stress tests, while at the same time monitoring the systems’ performance adequately.

Practical learning is at the core of this course and gives a chance to apply acquired knowledge towards the testing technique and contribute to providing reliable, scalable, and quick-responding applications for real-world situations. A broad understanding of performance testing with LoadRunner using industry-relevant practices.

Training in LoadRunner Training in Hyderabad is quite worthy and beneficial.LoadRunner analyzes outcomes and identifies performance impediments  The whole purpose of this training makes one marketable due to knowing how to use a popular automation testing tool.

Topics You will Learn

  • What is performance Testing
  • De­nition for Performance testing
  • Why Performance testing
  • Need of performance testing
  • Types of applications
  • Nonfunctional Requirements collection.
  • Performance Test Planning
  • Design
  • Execute
  • Analysis
  • Test Process / Strategy
  • Test Environmental Setup and


  • Analysis and Report Generation

Types of Performance Tests:

  • Smoke Test
  • Load Test
  • Stress Test
  • Endurance/soak Test
  • Scalability test
  • Spike Test
  • Capacity Test
  • Failover Test

Tools available

Load runner and J meter

Introduction to Load Runner

Load Runner and its components

  • Vugen
  • Controller
  • Agent Process
  • Load Generator
  • Analysis

Tools available

  • Web (HTTP/HTML)
  • Webservices
  • RDP

Virtual User Generator

  • Scripting
  • Enhancement
  • C-Classes (required for LR tool).
  • Transaction points
  • Parameterization
  • Correlation

Different modes of recording

  • url mode
  • html mode
  • Runtime Settings
  • Run logic -iterations
  • Log
  • Run as Process or Thread
  • Error handling

Executing Scenario using Controller

  • Designing Scenarios
  • Goal-Oriented Scenario
  • Manual Scenario
  • Scenario Schedule
  • Schedule By Scenario
  • Schedule By Group
  • Basic Schedule
  • Real world schedule
  • Start Vusers (Ramp Up)
  • Duration (Steady state)
  • Stop Vusers (Ramp down)
  • SExecution of different types of tests


  • Performance Metrics
  • Counters
  • Monitoring tools
  • Perfmon

Analyzing Results

  • Summary Report
  • Calculation of 90th percentile
  • Running Vusers Graph
  • Hits per Second
  • Throughput
  • Transaction Summary
  • Average Transaction Response Time
  • Graph Settings

Complete end-to-end tool execution loadrunner

  • Real time exposure on the tool

(Load runner )

  • End to end process of load testing
  • Identifying bottle necks

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Still Having Doubts?

Micro Focus created the performance testing tool LoadRunner. Through the simulation of virtual users and measurement of system behavior under various load conditions, it is used to test the scalability and performance of applications.

The three primary parts of LoadRunner are Analysis for result analysis and reporting, Controller for test execution and management, and Virtual User Generator (VuGen) for script development.

Performance tests of many kinds, such as load, stress, endurance, and scalability tests, are supported by LoadRunner.

Numerous protocols are supported by LoadRunner, such as Web Services, Citrix, SAP, Oracle, and HTTP/HTTPS. Depending on the kind of application being used, the protocol is tested.

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