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DevOps refers to a collaborative approach to developing apps that combines the terms “development” and “operations” . DevOps’ purpose is to help a team work more efficiently by utilising the appropriate tools and software development procedures. Version IT’s DevOps training course covers the fundamentals of all DevOps tools, including Git, Ansible, Jenkins, Puppet, Kubernetes, Nagios, and Kubernetes, using a variety of training techniques. The DevOps training is appropriate for both beginners and professionals, and it focuses on improving their DevOps abilities and experience. Version IT provides the best DevOps training in Hyderabad, with highly skilled and certified trainers with 20+ years of experience. The course is designed to suit industry standards and includes extensive and up-to-date training methodologies. To help our students build practical knowledge, we follow and implement real time project-based learning. You will have a full knowledge of continuous integration, virtualization, and configuration management, which are all elements of software development and operations, at the end of the course.

Who can Enrol?

  • This AWS DevOps training in Hyderabad is primarily designed toward IT developers and personnel. It is suitable for software automation, development, and testing specialists. This course is also beneficial to DevOps consultants and stakeholders.
  • Apart from that, software developers, architects, technical project managers, IT managers, deployment engineers, and development managers would benefit from this DevOps training course.

Eroll with Version IT top DevOps training institute in Hyderabad and become a professional DevOps engineer.

What are the prerequisites for this DevOps course?

DevOps is not a programming language for software, but rather a collection of tools that assist project managers in managing software project delivery. The training courses will help you become expert with the following terms if you are new with them. You can get a brief review of all the fundamental concepts

  • Basic knowledge of Linux or scripting
  • Basic Idea on how to write code with a text editor
  • Basic understanding of how system administration works, including how to install packages, structure those packages, and start services.
  • IT experience is required not mandatory.


Career Opportunities with Devops

The market’s demand for DevOps has increased, resulting in a higher demand for a professional DevOps team. Almost every organisation is using cloud services for its operations, which demands the hiring of professionals. If you come from an IT background, understanding DevOps is a must to get your career started.

Devops has a good future ahead of it, with numerous solutions to IT problems. DevOps specialists are undoubtedly well compensated and diligent.DevOps is a fantastic approach that many IT organisations are currently using to give more consistent and faster solutions to their clients.Companies all over the world are focusing on leveraging automation to reduce productivity time, therefore now is a perfect time to start investing in and studying DevOps for a successful future career. So Join at Version IT for Best AWS DevOps Training Institute in Hyderabad to get Hands-on Learning with Live Project sessions.

AWS Devops Faculty

Name: Mr.Rameen Sir
Experience: 11+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

AWS Devops Course Content

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