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Azure Devops Training in Hyderabad

Azure DevOps is a platform, language, and cloud provider from Microsoft that is DevOps agnostic. It is a SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and installing software. It is highly adaptable in terms of application integration, which means it can readily integrate with real time all of the market’s major applications, making it highly desirable in terms of development and cost.

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In terms of architecture, Azure DevOps is built on a multi-tier and scalable design that makes use of Windows Communications Foundation web services. With Azure DevOps, customers can plan smarter, collaborate more effectively, and ship high stability to a set of cutting-edge dev services. DevOps enables users to combine resources, procedures, and technology in order to quickly produce innovative products for their clients.

Azure DevOps includes services like Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure Artefacts, Azure Pipelines, and Azure Test Plans, among others meaning. Users’ productivity and efficiency are increased significantly without having to worry about technical nitty-gritty or acquiring expensive third-party extension tools. The best feature about Azure DevOps is that it’s extremely versatile and platform agnostic, it means it can run on any language (such as C, C++, Java, Python, and others), any platform (such as MacOS or Linux),and any Cloud platform. It also easily supports the most popular used tools on the market.

DevOps Offers a number of major advantages, including scalability, access to the latest features (every 3 weeks), and the elimination of the upgrading procedure. Above all, it comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock support to quickly respond to any user inquiries. It has become the best option for most companies due to its extensive platform, language, and cloud vendor support.

Our Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad is designed by industry experts with years of expertise in the DevOps field. After conducting extensive research, our trainers developed this course to assist you in building a career as a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer. We will teach you a variety of domain ideas and tools, such as Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and others, in order to help you pass the AZ-400 test.

Who can Enrol?

Although anyone with a basic understanding of Azure can enrol in this Microsoft Azure DevOps course, it is suggested for:

  • Fresh graduates looking to enter the thriving Azure job market.
  • Software Developers, Cloud Experts, and Solution Architects.
  • Technical Leads and Project Managers
  • Learners interested in a career in Azure DevOps.
Career Opportunities with Azure DevOps

With more opportunities in all aspects of application development, it’s more important than ever for professionals and students to take this course and get the most out of their money. Version IT expertise in Microsoft Azure will help you increase your earning potential while also ensuring work security. According to a recent forecast, about 80% of all enterprise workloads will moving to the cloud by 2030, implying that DevOps professionals would be in high demand in the future years. A typical DevOps consultant is an expert in developing cloud apps and managing cloud infrastructures, and this training gives you the platform you need to get started.

Version IT provides the best Azure DevOps training Institute in Hyderabad. Our comprehensive course, supported by robust hands-on live projects, will help you become an industry-ready professional. This course will prepare you for a career as a thoroughbred professional by covering all of the necessary concepts and applications.

Because of its time-tested training methodology, hands-on practical sessions, and live projects, Version IT should be your first choice for Azure DevOps training in Hyderabad, Ameerpet. We provide best-in-class Azure DevOps training in Hyderabad and a live project to provide you the skills you need to advance your career.So don’t stay behind. Join today for a lucrative IT job Career.Following the completion of this Azure DevOps Training course, our students were joined in major MNC Companies.


Topics You will Learn

  • Understanding Development
  • Development SDLC : Waterfall & Agile
  •  Understanding Operations
  •  Dev vs. Ops
  •  DevOps to the rescue
  •  What is DevOps
  •  DevOps SDLC
    Continuous Delivery model
  • DevOps tools for DevOps SDLC
  •  DevOps Roles & Responsibilities
  • Git Setup
  • Linux Basic commands
  • Git Introduction
  • Learn about Git Branches
  • Resolve Git Merge conflicts
  • Work with Azure DevOps
  • Setup a Git Repository
  • Work with a Git Repository on Azure DevOps and handle merge conflicts, pull
    requests, and perform code review
  • Azure Boards
  • Azure Repos
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Artifacts
  • Azure Extensions
  • Marketplace
    Implement CI/CD in Azure DevOps
  • Setting up automated pipelines to build, test and deploy the code.
  • Pipeline creation
  • Workflows
  • Deployment Pipelines using
  • Azure Release Pipelines
    Automation of Application Configuration (web.config, app.config etc)
    Automated workflows for Deployments
    Gated Deployments
    Integration with Artifact management
    One-click deployments
    Blue-green and canary deployments
    Best Practices
  • Micro service Architecture
  • Why Containers for micro services
  • Kubernetes Intro & Architecture
  • Kubernetes setup
  • Running Docker containers on
  • Kubernetes
  • Kubectl
    Replication controller & Set
  • Deployment
  • Introduction to Azure
    Cloud technology
  • overview
    What is PaaS/ SaaS/ IaaS
  • Overview of Azure
  • Managing Azure Subscriptions
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal
  • Demo: Azure Portal
  • Overview of Azure
  • Resource Manager
  • Virtual Machines
  • Create and
  • Configure Virtual Machines
  • VM Networking
  • Manage Azure using Azure portal
  • Manage Azure using PowerShell
  • Creation/Deletion of database using PS
  • RBAC roles
    Multi-factor authentication
  • IP white-listing
  • Azure portal Walk-through Working with
  • Active Directory
  • Overview of AD
  • Why we need AD for Azure
  • Overview of app service
  • Deployment of app service
  • Configuring and
  • Maintaining web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and Web jobs
  • Traffic manager
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Overview of SQL database on azure
  • Deploying Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing security
  • Azure SQL database Recovery
  • Import/Export data
  • What is ARM templates?
  • What are ARM templates?
  • Why choose ARM templates?
  • Template file
  • Template deployment process
  • Template design
  • Share templates
  • Create and deploy your first ARM template
  • Editor : Visual Studio Code
    Command-line deployment
  • Create your first template
  • Sign in to Azure
  • Create resource group
  • Deploy template
  • Verify deployment
    Clean up resources
    Best practices
  • Install Azure PowerShell on Linux or Windows
    Connect to an
  • Azure subscription using Azure PowerShell
  • Create Azure resources using
  • Azure PowerShell
  • Create Free Azure Account
  • Using Power-shell to interact with Azure Resources.
  • Creating of Virtual Machines using
  • PowerShell
    Creating of
  • Storage using
  • PowerShell
  • Using Azure PowerShell to
  • Manage the resources in Azure
  • Use Power-shell to Automate daily activities
  • Docker
  • Introduction
    Dockers & Containers
  • What are containers
  • Difference between VM’s & Containers
    Hypervisor Vs
  • Docker Engine
  • Docker installation
  • Images & containers basics
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Images
  • Deep Dive
  • Docker Hub
  • Pull & Push images
  • Building your own Image with
  • Docker file
    Hosting & Managing Images
    Running, Stopping, Deleting, Inspecting & Managing containers
    Web server examples
  • Local Development workflow
    Automated Workflow/ Continuous delivery of Dockers
  • Terraform Set up/Installation in local
  • Terraform template creation using visual studio code
  • Creating resources in azure using terraform templates
  • Terraform commands usage (init,validate,plan,apply,Destroy)
  • Managing the existing resources using terraform
  • Terraform statefile recovery
  • Terraform implementation using azure pipelines

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Still Having Doubts?

Anyone interested in learning DevOps, including professionals with a basic understanding of the field, Solution Architects, Software testers, Integration specialists, and others, can apply for this course certification.

The average pay for Azure DevOps professionals in Hyderabad is around 3,87,188, however this might vary based on the organisation and region. 

Yes, you will be rewarded with a Azure DevOps course certificate on the completion of the course.
Before beginning, beginners should grasp the fundamentals of the Azure DevOps course. Our specialists' certification program will assist novices in learning the fundamentals of this subject.

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