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Version IT is one of the Best Institute for Blockchain Training Hyderabad to learn the latest technologies such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. BlockChain Security Training in Hyderabad by real-time Trainers using real-time use cases.Blockchain can be thought of as an unalterable digital ledger of economic transactions. It is now quite simple to record any type of financial transaction using Blockchain. The best feature about Blockchain technology is that it can record almost anything that has value in addition to this application. 

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This advanced Blockchain training programme will assist students in enhancing their expertise in applications such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, bitcoin and bitcoin mining, public versus private blockchain, and other advanced concepts. Students will be transformed into complete industry ready Blockchain specialists by the end of this Blockchain training in Hyderabad at Version IT.

Version IT offers students in establishing a career in the new technology that is reviving the global financial services business. Industry Expertise combines applicants’ expertise in a revolutionary technological platform that creates shared ledgers amongst counter parties using cryptography and distributed messaging protocols.

Blockchain Training in Hyderabad covers the complete spectrum of digital finance, including business models, strategic risk planning, product design, regulations, planning, policy, technology, and fraud management, in order to face real-world difficulties conceptually.

Who can Enroll?

Aspirants who want to make a career in emerging technologies that will transform finance by expanding customer access and provider reach while lowering the cost of providing financial services should definitely enroll in Blockchain Training at Version IT.

  • Freshers and graduates seeking a career in cutting-edge technology.
  • Executives in charge of implementation and operations.
  • Finance professionals looking to gain top positions in financial operations, audit, and risk management.
  • Banking professionals, professionals from non-banking financial corporations, regulatory and policymakers, mobile network operators, third-party providers, and investors, among others.
  • CIOs and business heads who are responsible to collect through digital means.
  • Professionals involved in e-commerce and other financial institutions.

Career Opportunities In Blockchain:

Blockchain Developer: Blockchain developers who specialized in assisting businesses in learning blockchain technologies are in high demand. Blockchain development may be the most marketable job option today, as people attempt to make the most of blockchain. Blockchain developers are software developers who construct blockchain applications. Before becoming a Blockchain developer, you need to have prior expertise working with C++, Python, and Javascript.

Blockchain Solution Architect: The Blockchain Solution Architect is in charge of allocating, developing, and connecting components of the Blockchain Solution with team specialists such as network managers, developers, UX designers, and IT companies to build Blockchain solutions for completion and implementation.

Blockchain Project Manager: This individual is in charge of linking blockchain projects with professionals who are in charge of building blockchain solutions. Blockchain project managers should be familiar with standard (cloud) project management techniques. You must also master the engineering technology of the part and understand it well. Excellent communication skills are also required when contacting non-technical individuals, offering valuable updates, or attempting to gain resources from upstream authorities.
Aside from the specific roles of experts working with Blockchain technologies, it is also critical that everyone in the organisation understands the Blockchain’s core architecture. Organisations can properly leverage Blockchain only when everyone understands the benefits, essential capabilities, use cases, and critical success factors.

So, Join Today Version IT one of the most recommended Blockchain training Institute in Hyderabad to Learn Blockchain technology with real time Applications.

Topics You will Learn

  • Understanding Blockchain in real life?
  • Blockchain better than traditional technologies
  • Benefits of using Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain: Relation
  • When to use Blockchain
  • Working of Blockchain
  • Private vs Public Keys
  • Consensus: How conflicts are being resolved?
  • Understanding Blockchain Mining
  • Miners and their responsibilities
  • In this module the candidate will learn about Cryptography, Hash Functions, Symmetric
    and Asymmetric Encryption.
  • Understanding Cryptography
  • Cryptography Hash Function
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption

In this module the candidate will learn about Cryptocurrency and Mining, a comparison
of Cryptocurrency vs Coin vs Bitcoin vs Token. Cryptocurrency Wallet, understanding
methods of Cryptocurrency mining.

  • Understanding cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency vs coin vs altcoin vs token
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet 
  • Print
  • Input
  • Command-line arguments
  • Applications of Data structures
  • Types of Collections
  • Sequence
  • Strings, List, Tuple, range
  • Non sequence
  • Set, Frozen set, Dictionary
  • Strings
  • What is string
  • Representation of Strings
  • Processing elements using indexing
  • Processing elements using Iterators
  • Manipulation of String using Indexing and Slicing
  • String operators
  • Methods of String object
  • String Formatting
  • String functions
  • String Immutability
  • Case studies
  • What is tuple?
  • Different ways of creating Tuple
  • Method of Tuple object
  • Tuple is Immutable
  • Mutable and Immutable elements of Tuple
  • Process tuple through Indexing and Slicing
  • List v/s Tuple

In this module the candidate will learn about the history of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining,
Hash Rate and Power, advantages of the Decentralized payment system , Bitcoin’s five
forces and methods of Bitcoin Mining.

  • History of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Hash Rate and Hash Power
  • The advantages of a decentralized payment system
  • Bitcoin’s five forces
  • Methods of Bitcoin Mining

In this module the candidate will learn about Ethereum, its Smart Contracts and the
difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Smart Contracts
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum

In this module, the candidate will learn about Tools of blockchain, which includes
Blockchain-As-A-Service, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix

  • Blockchain-As-A-Service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Remix IDE
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Metamask Wallet
  • Web3
  • Dapp Development
  • Smart Contract Deployment

This module is divided into two parts; first, Supply-chain, in which the candidate will
learn Vendor Payments, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking and Regulatory Audit
and amp; Security. Second, Manufacturing, in which the candidate will learn about Raw
material Tracking, Invoice and Receipt Management, Production Tracking and
Regulatory Audit and Security


  • Vendor Payment

  • Inventory Management

  • Asset Tracking

  • Regulatory Audit & Security


  • Raw Material Tracking

  • Invoice & Receipt Management

  • Production Tracking

  • Regulatory Audit & Security

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

  • Business Communication

  • Preparation for the Interview

  • Presentation Skills

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing
Resume Writing

  • What is List
  • Need of List collection
  • Different ways of creating List
  • List comprehension
  • List indices
  • Processing elements of List through Indexing and Slicing
  • List object methods
  • List is Mutable
  • Mutable and Immutable elements of List
  • Nested Lists
  • List_of_lists
  • Hardcopy, shallowCopy and DeepCopy
  • zip() in Python
  • How to unzip?
  • Python Arrays:
  • Case studies
  • What is set?
  • Different ways of creating set
  • Difference between list and set
  • Iteration Over Sets
  • Accessing elements of set
  • Python Set Methods
  • Python Set Operations
  • Union of sets
  • functions and methods of set
  • Python Frozen set
  • Difference between set and frozenset ?
  • Case study

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Blockchain experts collaborate closely with product teams to create Blockchain-based apps for corporations and businesses.

Private Blockchain is distributed among a small number of recognized participants or within an organization. These may be protected in the same manner that a firewall or VPN is.

Our professors, who are practicing software engineers, are regularly updating the curriculum with new frameworks, techniques, and technologies, with periodic feedback from companies.

You may only take this certification test three times.

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