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Microsoft fabric Training in Hyderabad

Version IT, your reliable source for Microsoft Fabric Training in Hyderabad. As organisations continue to embrace digital transformation, the demand for comprehensive data management and analytics solutions has increased dramatically. Microsoft Fabric answers this requirement by providing a cutting-edge platform that combines data engineering, data science, data warehousing, and real-time analytics. Our training programmes are designed to provide you with the information and skills required to succeed in the field of data management and analytics.

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Microsoft Fabric Training in Hyderabad

Microsoft Fabric is a unified data and analytics platform that brings together various data services into a single, seamless environment. It enables you to manage, integrate, analyze, and visualize data across multiple sources with ease. Whether you are a data engineer, data scientist, business analyst, or developer, mastering Microsoft Fabric can propel your career to new heights. At Version IT, we offer the best Microsoft Fabric course in Hyderabad to help you master this powerful platform. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals. Our expert trainers bring industry insights and practical knowledge to the classroom, ensuring you receive top-tier training that aligns with current market trends.

Course Features and Outcomes

Our Microsoft Fabric training institute in Hyderabad provides a comprehensive learning experience that covers all aspects of Microsoft Fabric. Whether you’re looking to start your journey in data management or enhance your existing skills, our course has something for everyone. This is an outline of what to expect:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Fabric: Get acquainted with the platform and understand its core components, including data engineering, data science, data warehousing, and real-time analytics..
  • Data Integration:  Learn how to connect to various data sources, including on-premises and cloud-based data stores, and integrate them seamlessly using Microsoft Fabric.
  • Data Processing and Transformation:Explore data engineering capabilities, including data cleansing, transformation, and enrichment. Gain expertise in preparing data for analysis.
  • Data Warehousing: Understand data warehousing concepts and learn how to design, create, and manage data warehouses using Microsoft Fabric.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization: Dive into real-time analytics and data visualization using Microsoft Fabric’s advanced tools. Explore how to build effective dashboards and reports.
  • Data Security and Governance:  Gain knowledge of best practices in data security and governance within Microsoft Fabric. Find out how to maintain compliance and safeguard sensitive data.
  • Advanced Topics:Explore advanced topics such as machine learning integration, AI-driven insights, and automation within Microsoft Fabric.
Advantages of Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric offers several advantages as a unified data and analytics platform, streamlining data management, integration, and analytics tasks. Here are some key benefits:

  • Unified Platform-Microsoft Fabric brings together data engineering, data integration, data science, data warehousing, and analytics into one seamless environment.
  • Scalability- The platform can handle large volumes of data and scale as your business grows, supporting enterprise-level data operations.
  • Ease of Integration- Fabric allows for easy integration with various data sources and cloud services, making it simple to combine data from different platforms.
  • AI and Machine Learning-Fabric supports advanced analytics, including AI and machine learning capabilities, for more insightful data analysis.
  • Real-Time Analytics-Real-time data processing and analytics enable immediate insights and decision-making.
  • Data Security and Governance-Microsoft Fabric includes built-in data security and governance features to help protect data and maintain compliance.
  • Advanced Data Visualization – the platform offers powerful data visualization tools for creating interactive and intuitive reports and dashboards.
  • Productivity and Efficiency- Fabric’s integrated features streamline data workflows, boosting productivity and efficiency across data operations.
  • Flexible Deployment-Microsoft Fabric supports a range of deployment options, including cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid solutions.
  • Collaboration and Sharing- Fabric fosters collaboration among teams by providing tools for sharing data, insights, and reports seamlessly

Join the top Microsoft Fabric training in Hyderabad by enrolling with Version IT, and you’ll reach higher levels in your data management and analytics abilities

Topics You will Learn

Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

Introduction to Data engineering

Introduction to Cloud and Azure Resources.

Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

create the workspace in Fabric and Build a lake house in fabric.

Install One Lake Explorer &Data Studio

Create Your First warehouse in Fabric | | Lakehouse vs Warehouse

Microsoft Fabric: Introduction to Data Factory Experience | Pipelines & Dataflows

End-to-End Scenario with Data Factory Pipelines and Dataflows Gen2

End-to-End Mini Project: Data Factory Pipelines and Dataflows Gen2

Apache spark in Fabric

Work with Delta Lake tables in Microsoft Fabric

Copy data from REST API to Lakehouse in Fabric using Bearer Token

Moving Multiple Folders from Data Lake Storage Gen2 to Lakehouse

Ingest Data from On Premise SQL Server to Lakehouse| Data Gateway

Microsoft Fabric: Copy data from Azure SQL DB to Lakehouse Table | Query | Stored proc

Ingest data from on premise SQL server to Warehouse Incrementally

Microsoft Fabric: Logging Fabric Pipeline Logs to Warehouse table using stored proc

Microsoft Fabric: Incremental data ingestion from Azure SQL DB to Warehouse in Fabric

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse and its Usage

How to copy data from one blob to another blob using synapse pipelines

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During a period of digital transformation, Microsoft Fabric Training in Hyderabad is crucial since it gives professionals the know-how to leverage complete data management and analytics solutions, which are essential for streamlining organizational procedures.

Microsoft Fabric is a cutting-edge platform that combines sophisticated functions for processing and analyzing data, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions and efficiently streamline their operations. This meets the growing demand for data management and analytics solutions.

One of Microsoft Fabric's greatest strengths is its ability to offer an all-encompassing approach to analytics and data management. Its strong points—scalability, powerful analytics tools, and smooth interaction with current systems—guarantee that it will satisfy the wide range of requirements of contemporary enterprises.

The ability of Microsoft Fabric to provide a comprehensive approach to analytics and data management is one of its strongest points. Its strengths—scalability, excellent analytics capabilities, and seamless integration with existing systems—ensure that it will meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

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