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The amazing public cloud computing platform known as GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, was created by the Google company. GCP offers a variety of hosted services for computing, storing, and developing applications that are powered by Google hardware. Software developers, cloud administrators, and other IT professionals can simply access the cutting-edge cloud computing services provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over the public network or with the use of a dedicated network connection.

GCP extends its capabilities for a variety of applications, including cloud administration, developer tools, security, big data, networking, internet of things, and machine learning. And right now, there are more job openings than ever in GCP’s powerful cloud computing platform. Take advantage of the growing job prospects on this platform by enrolling in our Google Cloud Platform Online training in Hyderabad real-time training at Versio IT.

Google Cloud Platform GCP Training's Learning Outcomes

Our GCP Online Training In Hyderabad’s course content was especially created by subject matter experts to better meet current industry standards. Students that join in our GCP Online training course will learn several concepts, including as

  • Introduction to the Basics of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • How Cloud Instances Work in GCP and how instances work in GCP.
  • Knowing what Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore are
  • Developing Google Cloud Platform Storage Options ideas.
  • Knowledge about Google Container Engine in depth.
  • Knowing how to use Google Cloud Platform for big data and machine learning.
  • Having a solid understanding of Google Compute Engine and Networking.
  • exposure to working on live industry case studies and real-time projects.

Why Do Companies Prefer GCP?

The advantages of Google Cloud Computing for organizations include

  • Gain easy accessibility to innovation and increase productivity margins.
  • Employees can work from anywhere.
  • Google Cloud enables efficient teamwork.
  • Can rely on Google’s investments in security
  • Customers get higher uptime and reliability
  • Control and flexibility available to users

The demand for qualified GCP professionals has increased as more businesses strive to integrate GCP cloud apps into their workforce. With Version IT’s GCP online training in Hyderabad, you can become an industry-ready cloud expert after receiving the best possible training in GCP

Who is eligible for GCP Training?

Everyone is available to join the Google Cloud Platform GCP online Training In Hyderabad at our Version IT. It is essential to enroll in this course, particularly for working professionals and jobseekers who want to secure a career in this cutting-edge cloud computing platform.

  • Students / Freshers
  • Web Developers
  • IT Professionals working on java Scripts
  • Java and HTML Developers

GCP Faculty

Name: Mr.Ragava Sir
Experience: 12+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

GCP Course Content

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