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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud computing platform that offers a suite of computing services. It consists of a variety of services like computing, storage, networking, application development, Big Data and various other important features.

Customers can access computer resources housed in Google’s data centers around the world for free or on a pay-per-use basis.

Some Key Features and Functionalities:

GCP is a fully-featured cloud platform that has the following features,

Capacity: Sufficient resources for easy scaling whenever required. Also, effective management of those resources for optimum performance
Security: Multi-level security options to protect resources, such as assets, network and OS – components.
Network Infrastructure:Number of physical, logistical, and human-resource-related components, such as wiring, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc
Support: Skilled professionals for installation, maintenance, and support.
Bandwidth: Suitable amount of bandwidth for peak load.
Facilities: Other infrastructure components, including physical equipment and power resources.

Some Key Features and Functionalities:

GCP is very popular in the field of Cloud Computing. Google Cloud certifications empower individuals to advance their careers, and give employers the confidence to build highly skilled, effective teams. The users get all benefits from GCP that are not available with other tools and it also provides much better pricing than its competitors.

Google Cloud Platform is attracting more customers, both individuals and organizations each day. The requirement for certified GCP professionals has been on the rise and is expected to grow in years ahead, ensuring good and healthy careers.

Version IT is one of the best institutes for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training in Hyderabad. We have best in industry trainers, who are also with top organizations in the city, lending their expertise and experience in various aspects of Google Cloud Platform and its services .We have state- of- the- art infrastructure and facilities, combined with a course curriculum designed by experts, to provide you the best GCP online training in Hyderabad.

What you will learn in the course:

Google Cloud Platform for Professionals is built as an organised training package by highly experienced IT professionals in compliance with existing industry requirements. You will learn how to plan, create, and implement cloud solution architecture, manage and configure cloud solution infrastructure, build a solution for security and compliance, manage cloud architecture implementations, and ensure solution and process reliability in this online training course.

You will also learn

  • The fundamentals of Google Cloud, how to manage and deliver Google Cloud Solutions, how to implement the Google Cloud Architecture, and so on.
  • Hands-on experience with a variety of GCP products and services, as well as methods for evaluating data via GCP queries.
  • Develop and deploy Google Cloud Solutions, as well as methods to manage GCP services using applications, console, and CLI, as well as implementing machine learning concepts in the GCP.
  • Cloud Resource Manager, Cloud ‘AM, Billing, and Monitoring with Stack Driver are examples of core management services.
  • Core building components include Google Cloud Storage, virtual networks, managing databases in GCP, hybrid networking, Compute Engine, and Elastic Cloud infrastructure, among others.

GCP Devops Faculty

Name: Mr.Ragava Sir
Experience: 12+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

GCP Devops Course Content

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