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You will receive in-depth training on a variety of DevOps tools, including Jenkins, Docker, Git, Maven, ANT, Ansible, Selenium, Jira, Vagrant, Kubernetes, and Nagios, through the DevOps Online Training in Hyderabad. Through best practices in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, and Continuous Integration, as well as Continuous Monitoring of the software project development life cycle, this training will help you become a certified DevOps Engineer. Our DevOps Online Training course is the best way to get the necessary skill set and gain an advantage over your competitors.

DevOps is the collaborative union of a company’s development and operations processes. A more sophisticated version of the Build & Release procedures is DevOps. Through automation, DevOps enables software development, testing, and release to happen measurably faster, making it an important procedure in the market.One of the top DevOps online training institutes in Hyderabad is Version IT. The evOps online course is a comprehensive DevOps course that covers all the topics. It is appropriate for all attendee categories, including beginners and IT experts.By carefully arranging the theoretical information, providing exposure to real-time circumstances, and offering hands-on experience, we offer the best DevOps online course in Hyderabad. The needs of the participant are met thanks to Version ITtrainers’ one-on-one interaction approach. The DevOps course content is designed in a manner that a participant with a basic skill level can stay up with the pace and learn more effectively.

    • ● Excellent DevOps trainers with extensive industry experience are available through Version IT’s DevOps training course.


    • ● The Trainers are experienced and accessible Online Training.


    ● Our teachers are skilled professionals that have extensive knowledge of devops.

  • DevOps Online training has a 100% student satisfaction rate at Version IT
  • More than 1000 students Enrolled training in devops.
  • Real time Project training.
  • Resume Preparation & Interview guidance.

Prerequisites to learn Devops Online training

  • Basic knowledge of Linux or scripting
  • Basic Idea on how to write code with a text editor
  • Basic understanding of how system administration works, including how to install packages, structure those packages, and start services.
  • IT experience is not mandatory

Who can Enrol

Devops program can be enrolled by anyone across programming, testing and system admin
experience. The course is applicable to:

  • Engineer Graduates
  • Working IT professional from development and DBA fields
  • Business Analyst
  • System Administrators

Devops Career Opportunities

Every new piece of information in the Devops field reveals new job requirements in related fields. Among the most famous titles are:
experience. The course is applicable to:

  • Devops Architect
  • Software Engineer on Devops tools
  • Security Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Release Managers

The demand for professionals with a Devops skill set has been rising significantly, and it’s interesting to note that Devops has remained in high demand across a range of positions, including those requiring project managers and analysts.

Devops Faculty

Name: Mr.Nagendra
Experience: 12+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

Devops Course Content

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