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A blockchain is basically a leader for digital transactions that is mirrored and distributed across the entire computer network. Every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of it is added to each leader of each participant. Each block on the chain consists of a number of transactions. Distributed Ledger Technology is the name of the distributed multi-user database (DLT). According to the best Blockchain online training in Hyderabad, many businesses will undoubtedly use Blockchain technology for asset transfers.This Blockchain Online training from Version IT can help you learn enough about blockchain technology. Through practical practice, you also gain a true understanding of blockchain features and functionality from a technical perspective.

It is possible to make internal changes to the data management and storage system. Blockchain has so much potential that even international governments are beginning to see its value. For instance, Estonia aggressively embraced blockchain at the national level with the departments of judiciary, health, and commerce. There are numerous more countries where blockchain efforts are moving into the next stage, including the Netherlands, the United States, Dubai, Malta, Israel, Sweden, Columbia, the European Commission, and South Africa.In a nutshell, the Blockchain is a distributed ledger made up of blocks that each contain similar data. All blocks are connected by cryptography as this book expands. The data on the blockchain is a shared, dynamic database. The fact that Blockchain data is neither kept or centrally located is one of its many advantages. The database is quite secure. There are millions of websites hosted.


To enrol in a Blockchain training course, candidates must be aware with these concepts.

  • Command lines
  • Java
  • Linux

Who can Enrol?

The following groups of people would benefit from the course

  • Software professionals engaged in e-commerce and finance
  • Senior financial experts that participate in financial operations auditing
  • CIOs and entrepreneurs that are adept in digital data collection
  • Executives involved in operations and insurance
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Regulatory and Policy Makers
  • Banking and Non-Banking Financial Corporation Professionals
  • Third-Party Investors

Learning Benefits of Blockchain Online Training

The entire financial structure, including strategic risk management, planning, regulations, technology and fraud management, product design, and business modelling, will be covered by a blockchain online training programme in Hyderabad. You will learn about the following topics:

  • Blockchain components and types
  • Basic and advanced level in Blockchain technology
  • Learn how to utilise cryptography to keep data ledgers secure.
  • Bitcoin and blockchain layers.
  • Comparing public and private blockchains.
  • Blockchain use-cases.
  • Industry-based real time projects.

Blockchain Faculty

Name: Mr.Rameen Sir
Experience: 11+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

Blockchain Course Content

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