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Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, has transformed the IT landscape by providing a diverse set of services for developing, deploying, and managing cloud-based applications and services. Version IT’s Azure online training in Hyderabad aims to provide students with the necessary skills for using Azure’s capabilities and accelerating digital transformation for companies.

Why one should learn Azure

  • Learning Azure is becoming growing significant for IT professionals in today’s fast-expanding technological ecosystem. Azure has grown in popularity because of its scalability, global reach, and low cost. Professionals can expand their knowledge and become valuable assets to their organizations by enrolling in Azure online course in Hyderabad. Furthermore, Azure’s flexibility enables easy integration with current infrastructure, giving organizations the agility they need to meet evolving customer demands.
  • Learning Azure provides several perks and advantages making it an appealing option for IT professionals, developers, and enterprises.
  • Learning Azure gives up a world of possibilities for IT professionals and companies looking to reap all the benefits of cloud computing. Whether it’s creating creative applications, optimizing processes, or remaining competitive in the digital landscape, Azure has the tools and resources to help.

What are the Objective Outcomes?

Our training is precisely developed to meet the following goals:

A. Azure Service Proficiency: Participants will get a thorough understanding of numerous Azure services, such as virtual machines, storage solutions, networking, and more. This understanding will help them to efficiently deploy, manage, and optimise cloud resources.
B. Hands-on Experience: Through practical labs and real-world projects, students will gain hands-on experience with Azure, ensuring they are job-ready upon course completion.
C. Certification Preparation: The program prepares candidates for the official Microsoft Azure certification exams, which boosts their professional credibility and opens the door to exciting job options.
D.Cloud Security and Compliance: Explore best practices for securing Azure resources, creating access restrictions, and adhering to industry requirements while protecting data and privacy.
E. Scalable Solutions: Learn how to use Azure’s autoscaling and load-balancing technologies to create scalable and high-performance applications.
F. Monitoring and Optimisation: Gain insights into Azure resource monitoring, logging, and optimization to ensure cost-effectiveness and optimal performance.

Who is Eligible

Azure is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • System administrators
  • Software developers
  • Network engineers
  • Cloud architects
  • Data Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • who looking to upgrade their skills and stay ahead in their careers.


While there are no necessary prerequisites for enrolling in our Azure class, participants with a basic awareness of cloud computing concepts and experience with basic IT infrastructure would benefit. A keen desire to learn and explore new technologies will also contribute to a good learning journey

Version IT is a well-known Azure online training institute in Hyderabad, noted for its meticulous and industry-focused training programs. We ensure that our students obtain practical skills and confidence to excel in their careers by using professional and experienced trainers, cutting-edge infrastructure, and hands-on learning.

Azure Online Faculty

Name: Mr.Navgendra
Experience: 12+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

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