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With Our Best Azure DevOps Online Training in Hyderabad programme, you can become an industry-ready professional and prepare for a career in the Cloud and DevOps industries. With a set of modern dev services, you will learn to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster. Our curriculum was developed with current industry trends in mind. This Azure DevOps Online Training in Hyderabad covers all of the essential, transitional, and advanced Azure DevOps concepts.Throughout the training, industry professionals will cover this extensive curriculum. You will undoubtedly be able to attend any interviews after completing this Azure DevOps Online training.

Azure DevOps provides everything you need to build a software product from start to end! The project assists in the deployment of applications, the addition of test environments to validate your production, the management of code flow, and the maintenance of high quality. If you want to automate your operations in order to deliver reliable code and software faster, Azure DevOps is the course for you!

This comprehensive course takes a hands-on approach to planning, managing, and monitoring your applications using DevOps and Microsoft Azure. Initially, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to implement DevOps. You’ll learn how docker technologies work and how to use continuous integration to run tests across your applications. Moving forward, you’ll collaborate with DevOps to manage modern application lifecycles and automate your apps on the Azure Cloud platform. Finally, using the language and app framework, you’ll set up a full CI/CD pipeline for any Azure app. By the end of this course, you will be able to deliver software more quickly and reliably on the cloud using Azure DevOps Platform.

Version IT, one of The best azure devops online training institutes in Hyderabad, provides you with a thorough understanding of various Azure DevOps tools such as Azure Repos, Artifacts, Pipelines, and Source Control Management (SCM). This online training is completely designed to assist you in integrating, testing, and deploying Azure Pipelines. A brief overview of the fundamentals of Kanban and SCRUM boards in Azure DevOps.


  • Basic Knowledge of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Testing.
  • Knowledge of Powershell Fundamentals.
  • An Overview of Azure PaaS and SaaS, Virtual Machines, and IaaC with Azure Pipeline.

You Must Enroll For Version IT Azure DevOps Online Training For The Following Reasons:

  • DevOps is one of the most sought-after professions, and Gartner predicts that by 2030, more than 85% of the world’s organizations might use DevOps.
  • In Hyderabad alone, there are over 500 job opportunities for Azure DevOps professionals-Naukri.
  • DevOps Engineers in Hyderabad earn an average of 604k annually-Glass door.

So Join Version IT’s azure devops online training in Hyderabad ameerpet to learn Azure Devops with real time project.

Azure Devops Faculty

Name: Mr.Navgendra
Experience: 12+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

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