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Version IT’s azure data engineer online training in Hyderabad is designed for data engineers and developers who want to demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing data solutions that use Microsoft Azure data services, as well as anyone preparing for the Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure. This best azure data engineer training in Hyderabadwill help you gain competence in the design and implementation of data solutions that employ Microsoft Azure data services. You’ll learn how to use Microsoft Azure data services to integrate, modify, and consolidate data from multiple structured and unstructured data systems into structures suited for constructing analytics solutions.

The student will learn about data engineering as it relates to dealing with batch and real-time analytical solutions utilizing Azure data platform technologies in this course. Students will begin by learning about the fundamental computation and storage technologies that are utilized to construct an analytical solution. Students will learn how to view data stored in files in a data lake interactively. They will learn how to load data using the Apache Spark capability featured in Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Databricks, as well as how to ingest using Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse pipelines. The students will also learn how to change data using the same tools that are used to ingest data.

An Azure Data Engineer also ensures that, given a set of business objectives and restrictions, data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and dependable. This specialist responds quickly to unexpected difficulties and prevents data loss. To satisfy the data pipeline needs, an Azure Data Engineer also builds, deploys, monitors, and optimizes data platforms.

Outcomes of this Azure Data Engineering Online Training

Explore compute and storage options for data engineering workloads in Azure

  • Use serverless SQL pools to run interactive queries.
  • Utilize Azure Databricks for data exploration and transformation.
  • Using Apache Spark, you may explore, transform, and load data into the Data Warehouse.
  • Data ingestion and loading into the Data Warehouse
  • Use Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines to transform data.
  • Data from Notebooks can be integrated using Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines.
  • Azure Synapse Link supports Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP).
  • With Azure Synapse Analytics, you can perform end-to-end security.
  • Stream Analytics can be used to perform real-time stream processing.
  • Using Event Hubs and Azure Databricks, build a Stream Processing Solution.
  • Continue your learning and face new difficulties with one-on-one trainer coaching after the course.

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Successful students have prior expertise with data solutions and have knowledge of cloud computing and basic data concepts.

Azure Data Engineer Faculty

Name: Mr.Sameer Sir
Experience: 16+Years
Course Duration: 105 Days

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