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DevOps with AWS Online training will help you acquire the necessary knowledge for a DevOps Engineer position. This DevOps online training in Hyderabad will train you how to use DevOps tools like Git, Docker, SVN, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Ansible, Puppet, Maven, Selenium, Nagios, Chef, and more to become an expert in DevOps skills like Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery, Infrastructure as a Code, and more.

DevOps focuses on improving cooperation, communication, and procedures between software developers and operations departments in order to improve and accelerate product delivery. Real-time working professionals will provide DevOPs training and practical sessions with live examples.

Learn DevOps with AWS from a local instructor-led course that demonstrates how to select, manage, and implement the tools and techniques for improving the software development effort through hands-on experience. Our DevOps AWS online Training in Hyderabad syllabus covers cross-discipline data and viewpoints from the perspectives of operations, developers, and information security personnel. The course teaches you how to identify places where development and operations may collaborate to improve infrastructure, application, and network security.

Students will have a fundamental understanding of the value proposition of DevOps after completing this AWS DevOps Online Training with Real-time Projects at Version IT, one of the best DevOps online training institutes in Hyderabad. They will also gain practical experience working with select DevOps tools, such as Puppet, Jenkins, and others.

  • 40 hours of instructor-led AWS DevOps training
  • Scenarios and use cases from the real time
  • A 100% job-focused training
  • Hands on Practical Experience
  • Professional and Certified Trainers

Why should you choose DevOps AWS Online training?

  • According to Gartner, the DevOps market will develop six times faster by 2025.
  • In comparison to other technologies, the Devops Consultant can expect a high salary package.
  • According to Forbes, DevOps and cloud positions will be among the highest paying jobs in the future years.
  • A DevOps Architect is the technical team’s backbone in any company.

What are the prerequisites for this DevOps online training?

  • A basic understanding of Linux or scripting is advantageous.
  • Prior IT experience is required to learn this technology.


Accelerate Your Devops Career by Becoming a Devops Engineer with in Short Time

In today’s IT market, the demand for DevOps professionals has grown exponentially over the years. Recognizing this, Version IT has initiated real-time Devops online training in recent years. Version IT
provides the best Devops online training in Hyderabad,allowing you to master aspects of automated building and software development.
In contrast to other places where training is theoretical. We focus on real-time DevOps implementation here, giving our students a benefit over other job seekers. Based on industry standards, Version IT has created the best DevOps online training in Hyderabad Programme. Our online training is built around real-world scenarios. This assists applicants in handling any interviews and effectively managing the organization. In addition, we offer a plethora of free online content for job seekers and working professionals. These session recordings are also available after the training is completed. So Aspirants can access the recording at any time to learn the course.

A career in DevOps offers a promising and successful future. DevOps has been discovered to revolutionize the entire IT industry.

AWS Devops Faculty

Name: Mr.Rameen Sir
Experience: 11+Years
Course Duration: 2 Months

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